Yet another group of school students has stepped up to fight education cuts - this time in Boston, USA. In an impressive feat of organising a small group met to plan the protest. City officials claimed that the students had been organised by adults, whereas in fact they had sat up alone night after night, sending out letters to schools, making contacts on social media, working out chants and banners - in short all the things necessary to organise a successful protest.

The event started at 11.30 on Monday morning when students walked out of their classrooms, chanting: 'they say cut back, we say fight back!' 3,600 poured out onto the streets, from Grades6 to 12. As one of the organisers put it: “We feel sorry that adults sometimes cannot give credit to the young people who are often leading the way in planning and carrying out huge, strategic and constructive campaigns for the schools all our communities deserve."

Officials tried to prevent the protests by sending letters threatening sanctions of the students wallked out, but this only increased their determination. 

The cuts in Boston, which have been caused in part by the funding of semi-privatised charter schools at the expense of public schools, will mean teachers will lose their jobs, courses will be cut and many extra-curricular activities stopped.

The protesters, who carried placards saying: 'school lives matter' and 'our teachers matter', say they will not stop until the cuts are reversed. As one letter calling on students to take part said: “Let’s stand up for our future, if we don’t then no one will.”

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