Public Sector Workers' Demonstration in Botswana The Botswana government has changed the law to make it illegal for teachers to go on strike By classifying teachers as 'essential services' the Botswana government has made it illegal for teachers to go on strike. Other workers included in the new laws are people working in the diamond industry and veterinary services. This decision comes as a long strike by teachers and other civil servants has been suspended pending talks. The teachers were on strike for a living wage - having had no increase for three years under conditions when inflation is running at 27% (see previous posts) Many commentators in Botswana fear for the future of democracy in that country as people's basic freedoms are attacked. During the strike the government used the army and police personnel to replace teachers in some schools in contravention of the country's industrial relations laws. As in Australia and the US, teaching unions are under attack as governments seek to balance their books  by making public services and particularly education pay for budget deficits for which neither they nor the users of public services are responsible.