Teachers, other trade unionists and communities have launched a campaign to defend public education in Sao Paulo, the most populous city in Brazil. Teachers in the city struck for 92 days , but they were treated with contempt by state authorities who refused to negotiate with them. Now the authorities are planning a concerted attack on public education in the city, closing schools, making teachers redundant and forcing children to travel long distances to school.

As a statement by the union federation (CUT) puts it:  'If the government was concerned about the quality of education, as it claims, it would reduce the maximum number of students per class to 25, as recommended by international standards, would value  teaching professionals, solve the structural problems of schools, establish democratic management and improve working conditions for teachers and student learning.' 

Protests have been building up over the past few weeks and on Tuesday of this week, CUT, together with the Sao Paulo teaching union APEOESP, is planning a mass demonstration in the city of teachers, parents and students to demand proper funding for education. The slogan is Cry for Quality of Public Education in Sao Paulo. Further actions are planned next week.