Teachers in the state of Alagoas in Brazil have been fighting for weeks to defend public education. This week they voted to suspend their strike, which has been ongoing since July, in the face of repressive measures by the government, including large fines for those who continue to strike and the arrest of the teachers' union leader if the strike went on after September 10th. However they say that their struggle is not over and that they will meet again on September 23rd with a view to planning new actions if their demands are not met.

The fight in Alagoas is just the latest in a series of struggles across the states of for public education and against corporate reform and privatisation, not least in the largest conurbation in Brazil, Sao Paulo, where teachers struck for many weeks. Such strikes are often met with police violence and repression, most recently in Parana, where teachers were attacked by security forces as they struggled to get more funding for education, an event which left 300 teachers injured.