Teachers in parts of Brazil have been taking strike action this week over education funding and privatisation. Teachers in some states are not receiving the basic minimum wage for their profession and are striking to demand decent pay and working conditions. 

In a statement, the teachers union CNTE says: 'Education needs to be a priority of municipal governments. This priority involves the development of its professionals, who should be treated with respect and dignity.' They are also demanding an improvement of conditions in schools which are often lamentable. Their demands include such basic things as functioning toilets and adequate lighting.

There is also an ongoing struggle against the privatisation of schools in the country. Military police surrounded a meeting in Annapolis in the state of Goias, where 23 schools were being handed over to private companies in the face of massive opposition from students, teachers and the local community.

This is just the latest stage of the struggle in Brazil, which has been characterised by high school occupations as well as increased militancy amongst teachers fighting for public education. The failure to fund education properly is all the more striking given the billions of dollars spent on hosting the World Cup and this year's Olympic Games with the surrounding corruption. To read about many more stories of the struggle for education in Brazil go here.