Teachers in Brazil took part yesterday in actions for democracy happening all over the country. There was a march of 100,000 in Brasilia and protests in many other towns involving trade unions, students and social movements. Demonstrations also took place around the world, including in France, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

In a statement the Brazilian teachers union CNTE says that it is not only demonstrating against the moves to impeach the president Dilma Roussef, but also against cuts to social spending, privatisation and the commercialisation of education.

According to a statement in defence of Brazilian democracy signed by trade unionists from around the world, the right wing oppostion is attempting 'to destabilise – and ultimately overthrow - Brazil’s constitutional and elected government, including through attempting to impeach President Dilma Rouseff. This campaign has involved demonstrations for ‘regime change’ through the ousting of the President before the end of her term. These have even included overt calls for the military to carry out a coup d’état.' The statement goes on to say that there have been acts of physical aggression against pro-democracy supporters.

This website sends its solidarity to the Brazilian teachers, to CNTE and to all those fighting to defend democracy in Brazil.