Teachers Protesting in Rio last Year Teachers in Brazil are on strike to demand that pay deals are honoured and more money for education The teachers are demanding that a 2008 agreement on minimum pay for teachers be honoured, that there should be a proper career structure and training for teachers and that 10% of GDP should be spent on education, in a accordance with an agreement made with trade unions to improve education in the country. The minimum wage for teachers is supposed to be approximately $800 a month - however according to the union CNTE, in 17 states teachers are being underpaid - sometimes by as much as two thirds. In the Federal District of Brazil teachers are warning of an indefinite strike and are demanding that teachers receive salaries similar to those of other graduate professions. They are planning a series of regional rallies to demonstrate for their cause. Education International has sent its support to the strike and in its post, it quotes an open letter from the CNTE, which states: “This strike will mark the beginning of a series of actions that aim to promote universal access to good quality, secular public education that fosters equity. We stand for the enhancement of the teaching profession.”