As hundreds of thousands of people continue to protest in Mexico over the abduction of the 43 student teachers on September 26th,  worrying reports are appearing that suggest the parents of the students are at risk of attack. A report in today's UK Guardian quotes the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Javier Hernandez: 'Some are starting to villify and insult the disappeared students and demonise their parents and their demands. The vast wave of solidarity and protest generated by the case of the 43 students needs to be protected.' Hernandez warned that such villification put the families at risk.

Apparently a campaign on social networking sites is attacking Ayotzinapa college, because of its tradition of fighting for education for liberation and the involvement of the students in social struggles. Other reports say that partially successful attempts have been made by forces hostile to the protests, to bring down the #yamecanse hashtag on twitter which has been used all over the globe to show solidarity with the 43 and the Mexican people. Hernandez himself has travelled to Ayotzinapa to show solidarity and has called on other organisations to do the same. 

In another development, the police chief of Mexico City has resigned after much criticism of heavy handed policing of the many protests in the city. Students in the video above describe being beaten and threatened with death by police after being arrested for peacefully protesting. Human rights organisations say the government is criminalising social protests.

Meanwhile in Guerrero, the home province of the 43, teachers and students have been blocking the road to Oaxaca and preventing all movement of traffic, because 6 supporters of the teachers' movement there were kidnapped on Tuesday, apparently by Section 59 of the SNTE teachers union. There is a long history of struggle for union democracy in Oaxaca, because SNTE has been a corrupt tool of successive right wing Mexican governments for years. Teachers fighting this corruption and against the education 'reform' policies of the government are in Section 22 of the union in Oaxaca, which has been calling for national strikes in solidarity with the 43 students, against political impunity, and for improving the conditions in Mexico’s education system. Section 59 on the other hand is against participating in any strikes.' Section 22 also participated in the march on Mexico City together with the families on November 20th.

The government of Pena Nieto is completely failing to acknowledge its complicity in the abduction. To read more background, go here.