In the latest round of their long struggle with the government of British Columbia, Canada, 89% of teachers have voted in favour of job action to contest cuts. The latest insult is a pay offer of 0.5%, under circumstances where teachers in the province will have had no pay rise for two years.

However this comes on the back of an ongoing in the courts between the British Columbia Teachers Federation (BCTF) and the government, who had sought to impose a contract, which ended class size guarantees and minimum levels of support for children with special needs. When the court found for the BCTF, the government proceded to pass a law which would make it impossible for teachers to take strike action.

Now teachers are fighting back once again, under the slogan '.' British Columbia is the worst funded on seven measures for education of all the provinces in Canada. 3,500 teaching positions have been lost there since 2012 and as a result class sizes are growing, with a knock-on effect to workload and children's education, especially the most vulnerable. There are 3,800 classes in the province with seven or more children with special needs. As the BCTF says: 'Teachers strongly support inclusive schools, but we need more staff, services, and resources to make them successful. The provincial government needs to restore specialist teaching positions so all students, no matter their needs, can get the one-on-one support they deserve and their parents expect.'

As a result of the action vote, teachers will start by taking low scale administrative action, building up to rolling strike action, if the ongoing negotiations are unsuccessful.