Teachers in British Columbia, Canada, have voted overwhelmingly to escalate their strike. Their action to re-establish fair class size and composition limits started with limited action in withdrawing some non-teaching tasks. Last month it was stepped up to rolling strikes - a day at a time across different schools. Now in the face of a government determined to be as provocative and intransigent as possible, the membership of the British Columbia Teachers Federation have voted for all out strikes.

86% of a large turnout of teachers voted in favour of an all out strike, which could start as early as next Monday. Apart from high schools being open for exams, the strike would affect all schools from kindergarten through to 12th grade. Teachers rallied with parents and students, waiting for the vote on the all out strike to be announced. One teacher who voted in favour explained 'I feel we've got to stand up for what we believe in and that's for our workers' rights and a better education for our students in our province.'

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