hawblog.jpg  Parents Demonstrating in Lihue, Hawaii Parents, teachers and pupils protested against the closure of their schools last week as a result of the budget crisis in the US state of Hawaii Children and teachers are set to lose 17 school days this year and next, resulting in the shortest school period in the United States - 163 days a year as opposed to the average 180 days a year. As a result of this cut teachers will also be taking an 8% pay cut. The state of Hawaii has a $1 Billion shortfall in its budget  Parents are outraged at the fact that their children are being made to pay for the eonomic crisis and the budget difficulties and demanding that the state give education priority and if necessary raise taxes to pay for it. Children and parents from all over Hawaii came to Honolulu to protest wearing T shirts with the slogan 'My Child Left Behind' - a reference to George Bush's neo-liberal No Child Left Behind programme. Other protests took place across the island state