ba.jpg  Students Protesting in Defence of Public Education in Buenos Aires Students and teachers in Buenos Aires, Argentina are joining forces once again to fight for decent public education The teachers are demanding: “the immediate resolution of the problems in the buildings, the creation of new schools, the payment of salaries on time”. Earlier this autumn students occupied their schools demanding repairs and new buildings. See previous post: Now teachers are demanding the resignation of officials who have tried to force them to give names of students involved in the protests so that they could be arrested.According to the Latin American Herald Tribune, next Wednesday's strike will be the 28th by teachers against the mayor of Buenos Aires, right wing property tycoon Mauricio Macri. As well as demanding decent buildings and supporting the students the teachers are asking for a pay rise from $475 to $550 per month. Teachers accuse the mayor of treating Buenos Aires as his personal property and encouraging privatisation while starving the public sector. University students at the publicly funded Buenos Aires university have also been occupying their buildings. Next Thursday there will be a joint demonstration with the students and teachers which will be commemorating the so-called 'Night of the Pencils' in 1976 when the then military government violently attacked students protesting for free transport - seven were arrested and tortured and only one survived.