Buenos Aires public school teachers and administrators struck on April 5 with  education workers from private education institutions.

They are protesting economic policies of neoliberal Mauricio Macri's administration and aligned Congress that have produced layoffs and reduced wages for public workers.  The strike continues a wave of protests over the past two months.Teachers are demanding wages that keep pace with the inflation rate. Macri's reforms caused inflation to spike to around 40 percent in 2016, when the economy contracted.
Joining the strike are teachers from the Vialidad Technical School who are demanding their pay, which they haven't received in three months.

Argentina's largest union, the CGT,  announced a one-day general strike on April 6, increasing pressure on President Mauricio Macri's center-right government si x months before mid-term congressional elections.The CGT says Macri's policies, including austerity measures like reducing subsidies on fuel and electricity, are resulting in lower real salaries and lost jobs.

The general strike coincides with the start of the World Economic Forum on Latin America, which is expected to attract thousands of business and political leaders from around the world to the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

Pictured is the March, 2017 demonstration of over 400,000 teachers from all of Argentina filling the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires. (CTERA photo)