COVID-19 does not differentiate among borders, ethnicities, disability status, age or gender.

In the midst of this global health crisis that threatens all of us, everywhere, it's all the more important that we share reliable information about what teachers and their unions have demanded and  won to make our governments more responsible and responsive.  

We hope activists will post information on the Teacher Solidarity Facebook page  about what teachers and their unions have demanded and won in this crisis. The first posting explains Quebec has safeguarded teachers and addressed transmission of the virus while also making sure we do not make health care workers choose between caring for their own children or protecting the public: In Québec inschool daycare services remain open but only for essential services workers.

Sharing confirmed information as well as requests for help in campaigns continue this website's mission of building solidarity from below. Teachers have long been social leaders in their communities and nations. We can be proud of that history and tradition and reinforce that role in this current health emergency.

(Picture from UNICEF)