Demonstration in Sofia Yesterday 30,000 Bulgarian public servants including teachers demonstrated in Sofia yesterday The demonstration was against plans to increase the pension age and against cuts in public spending. Like many other countries in Europe, Bulgaria has been suject to the ministrations of the International Monetary Fund which has insisted on its usual recipe of public spending cuts and privatisaion. The following is a quote from a recent IMF press release: "Accelerated privatization would be an important contribution to increased fiscal reserves" Ominously, another IMF delegation is due in the country today. It did not go unnoticed by Bulgarian trade unionists that their strike was happening on the same day as the one in the UK. According to the Sofia Echo: 'Valentin Nikoforov of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria said, "We say ‘no’ to such reforms. Last year there was a national agreement, signed by employers, unions and the Government. It is not clear why our elected representatives have made this proposal to increase the retirement age". 'He noted that in the United Kingdom, there was a similar protest against pension reform scheduled for November 30. 'Nikoforov said that it was not workers who had caused the financial and economic crisis, but bankers and institutions. "We will not pay for what others caused," he said.' .