california2.jpg  A Previous California Demonstration against Cuts Following actions in the autumn against damaging education cuts in California, teachers, parents and students are stepping up their protests The strike in the Oakland school district has been rescheduled to April but meanwhile there has been a day of action on March 4th with a series of marches and rallies all over California, protesting against the increasing attacks on the public education system. According to information on the internet some of the demands voiced at the rallies include:

** A halt to layoffs and pay cuts and restoration of full funding to education with a guarantee of free access to all citizens and non-citizens, k-12 up to graduate level.

**Stop the privatization of education and increase public participation in decision-making processes through the democratic election of teachers, parents, and students to run institutions in the interests of society as a whole.

**Progressive taxation on corporations and the wealthy to fully fund social services that sustain community, including the right to health care and living wages for California’s workers.

**Tax payer money for education, not for prisons, wars, and corporate bailouts.

Californian schools have seen massive cuts in their education budgets. San Diego school board was expected to make a further $89 million of cuts on top of $200 million over the last two years. As reported on previous posts many of the children affected are some of the most disadvantaged in the US. School boards are attempting to implement the cuts by amongst other things - cancelling teachers' health insurance, using unqualified staff and increasing class sizes.

The California Federaion of Teachers is sponsoring a 400 mile 'March for California's Future' which started on March 5th. These kinds of protests are being and will be echoed all over the world as teachers, parents and students fight back against efforts to make them pay for the crisis of the financial system. Teachersolidarity would very much like to hear from anyone involved in the campaign. Please email