CTA Member arrested 27 teachers in California were arrested this week for standing up for education funding The teachers, members of the California Teachers' Association (CTA) refused to leave the Capitol building until the state government reversed the cuts on the public school system. President of CTA, David Sanchez made the following statement: “Today, I took a stand for the millions of California students who are being robbed of their future. I refused to step aside while California’s public schools and colleges go without the vital resources they need. Our schools and colleges have been cut $20 billion in the past three years, and without action by California lawmakers, will endure another $4.1 in cuts next year. Enough is enough. Our students deserve better and our state can do better. “The Republican’s proposal from today shows they are clearly out of touch with what California students need, and is built of the same gimmicky principals that have plagued California’s budget process for years. While I’m glad they have issued a press release promising to protect public education funding, I’m insulted that they think their plan will do that. It’s a deliberately misleading and tardy scheme designed to trick voters into thinking it’s a real solution. Just look at the numbers: a $14.5 billion deficit can’t be erased by $2.5 billion in unexpected one-time revenue. “I am not willing to sit idle while a handful of Republican lawmakers in the state Senate and Assembly refuse to face the realities happening in the classrooms and communities across California. So a few CTA members decided to visit two of them to today to let them know that we are in a state of emergency and it’s time they started acting like it.” The Republican administration in California issued a budget which cut a further $500 million from education in the state. The cuts will mean teacher redundancies, larger classes and a shorter school year. This Friday there will be demonstrations of students, teachers and parents in many parts of California. There will also be a mass demonstration at the state Capitol building. A group called Stand Up California - made up of university employees, public sector workers and activists will be joining the protests. Last year there were marches and actions across California against cuts in public education (see previous posts)