Fukushima Protesters Campaigners in Japan are calling for global solidarity in the face of the Fukushima disaster On the second anniversary of the meltdown of the nuclear plant in Fukushima, children are still living in the area and attending schools which are contaminated by radiation. Teachers and local communities are taking part in mass mobilisations against the Japanese government, which is pursuing neo-liberal policies, is not telling the truth to the people of Fukushima and is failing to provide for their safety. In the meantime children are starting to be diagnosed with health problems, as a result of the catastrophe. Campaigners from Japan are seeking international endorsements for their protest on the second anniversary of the disaster next month. Their statement is pasted below, as well as a form for endorsement: Stop Restart of Nuclear Power Plants! Rise up for the future! March 11 Action Against Nuclear Power Plants Snow-covered mountains are greeting us in a proud and polite way just like in very winter as if nothing happened in Fukushima. In reality, however, the terrible nuclear plant disaster of March 11th in 2011 is far from being settled. We are faced with an imminent danger of a total catastrophe not only in Fukushima but also all areas of East Japan when the pool, which contains used nuclear fuels, in the building of the fourth reactor should be broken by a possible aftershock. It is reported that the early exposure to iodine 131 causes serious damage to thyroids. Added to this, the inspection of thyroids of children are carried out in a very suspicious way, in which no information on the numbers and forms of cysts are given to the concerned parents, whose fear and anger are mounting. We know that "decontamination" is practiced only for the benefit of general contractors, who are letting workers to be exposed to radiation, in a very shoddy way of work. Also we are threatened by cutting of financial assistance for evacuation, while our tax is poured into so-called restoration budget. It clearly indicates the true character of the Liberal Democratic Party, whose priority lies in "economy first" principle in developing nuclear plant construction for decades. Abe administration has begun to propagate the plan of new nuclear plant construction. In cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Fukushima prefectural government is planning a "Fukushima Prefectural Center of Environmental Creation" in Miharu/Minami-Soma, directly affected and contaminated areas. We suspect its harmful effect on our health and life. How should we act in face of the stark reality on the occasion of the second anniversary of the March 11th in Fukushima? We, living and fighting in the midst of the affected Fukushima, we, citizens, farmers, workers, must definitely and defiantly confront the problem and answer the question. When we hesitate to raise our firm and distinct voice, pain and demand of Fukushima would be totally neglected forever. The lives of children are seriously threatened in everyday life. Young people are deprived of their bright future. Means of production have been taken away from farmers and small manufacturers. Nuclear power plant workers are daily exposed to high radiation. These are our real lives in Fukushima today. Let’s speak out! We, people in Fukushima, shall never permit the actual situation nor give up our struggle to live. There should be no more "Fukushima"! What is our policy to commemorate the second anniversary of the March 11th in Fukushima? People in those prefectures, where nuclear plants are located, a large number of participants of the persistent anti-nuke demonstrations in front of the Prime Minister’s Office every Friday for months, and also friends of the whole world are watching us in Fukushima on this particular day. As is reported in the mass media ( Let’s rise up for the Fukushima Action on March 11th 2013 to express our aspiration! Let’s change the current reactionary trend raising the banner of "ANGER of Fukushima" high up at the forefront of the demonstration in solidarity with anti-nuke movements across Japan and the world! Let’s march forward shoulder to shoulder respecting all individual identities! We have the power to change the whole society and pave the way for promising future. Take back offensive! Let’s act NOW!     Fukushima Minpo, Jan. 6, 2013), 75.4% of the people in Fukushima are demanding to abolish all the nuclear plants in Fukushima. Fukushima Anti-Nuclear Action on March 11th 2013 —Stop All Nuclear Power Plants!  Let’s Fight Together For Our Future!—



Stop all nuclear power plants immediately!

Abolish all nuclear weapons, power plants and industry immediately and globally!

Fight with world wide solidarity!

No more Hirishima! Nor more Nagasaki! No more Bikini! No more Fukushima!


I (We) undersigned endorse the Fukushima Anti-Nuclear Action on March 2013.

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