This picture was sent to the website yesterday by a teacher in Rio, it is part of a series of pictures showing police in riot gear attacking teachers, often on their own, with tear gas and clubs. Unfortunately the website only has the facility to publish one, however the video clip also gives an impression of the scale of the violence. She says: 

I just wanted the world to know about the violence against us. It is a shame. I have never felt so disrespected in my whole life.I think I am living under a dictatorship again.Thanks for taking your time and reading my email but right now there is only one in my mouth: indignation.We are teachers, we are not criminals. Tell the world what the government has been doing against us - teachers. Show the pictures: violence is all over.

Yesterday's article gives the background to the protests - to sum up: the shocking underfunding of education in Brazil, teachers' earning little more than the minimum wage, and the neo-liberal 'reform' programme for education. Read more here.

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