Yet another young person has fallen victim to the forces in Mexico, which want to maintain the status quo and continue to oppress the majority of people, and are prepared to use the most barbaric methods in order to do so. Gustavo Salgado Delgado was one of the main organisers in Morelos for the protests about the disappearance of the from Ayotzinapa teacher training college.

He disappeared after a meeting and later that day his decapitated and mutilated body was found. to the local press he "was kidnapped and executed by an armed group when he left a popular assembly with day laborers of the MontaƱa of Guerrero, who were part of a migrant camp asking for a home". His body, which also showed signs of torture, was later identified by his comrades.

Gustavo not only campaigned for the Ayotzinapa 43 but, like the young students themselves, he was also campaigning for social justice for everyone in Mexico, particularly migrant workers. Like them he was in the forefront of the struggle to build a different kind of world, to that determined by neoliberal capitalism and the logic of profits and free markets, which still dominates the world. Those if us in the rest of the world who are campaigning for democratic education and against a system, which is impoverishing and oppressing millions, can only salute the struggle of the students and send our heartfelt solidarity and condolences to Gustavo's family, friends and comrades.