Teachers in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario are still involved in a determined fight against education cuts. In Quebec, teachers are uniting with other public sector unions, including the health and transport sectors, to take rotating strike action this week against cuts which will devastate services. 

As well as fighting an increase in the retirement age and a low pay offer, Quebec's teachers are determined to stop increased class sizes and an extension to the working week, from 32 hours to 35 - 40 hours, which they say will increase workload to an unsustainable extent and make it even more difficult to prepare properly to teach.

One parent whose son will be affected by a two day school closure this week, on the head: 'One thing I’m quite amazed by is the utter lack of political conversation. It’s either framed as austerity and anti-education or a need to balance the books. How about a little discussion of the educational and political philosophy behind all this?' This is a complaint which will be recognised by teachers and education activists all over the world fighting cuts, including the writer of this article.

Meanwhile in neighbouring Ontario, elementary school teachers are still involved in a work to rule as they battle to get the government to negotiate in good faith. The main issue for these teachers is also cuts, in particular the loss of support for children with special needs and an increase in class sizes.