Ottowa Students demonstrating in Support of their Teachers in September Teachers in the province of Ontario are to take action against a new law, which freezes pay and bans strike action for two years From next Monday the teachers will stop a raft of activities, which are not part of their core job of teaching, such as administering standardized tests,  attending meetings and communicating with parents outside of the school day. One school board - the Renfrew County -  has upped the pressure by threatening to close down schools and lock teachers and pupils out if the action goes ahead since they claim to be worried about pupil safety. However the President of the Teachers Union local, the OSSTF, said that the Renfrew school board were wrong to imagine pupils would be endangered by the teachers' action. He said:  "We are not closing our eyes and locking ourselves in our rooms. The teachers are still going to be there, we will still be teaching and supervising our classrooms.” Extra-curricular activities like sport will not be affected as long as the teachers wish to organise them. The action has been put on hold till next Monday to allow negotiations to continue. In September students in Ottowa went on strike to support their teachers and demonstrated outside the Premier's office. Students told CTV that the law taking away the right to strike was undemocratic. One said: "I’m not going anywhere in life without my teachers and I need to support them and it’s not fair to them. We’re here to give the voice back to the teachers that’s been taken away from them.We appreciate them so much for everything they’ve done for us and we’re here to support them 100 per cent.”