Teachers and supporters protesting in Montreal last week

Teachers in different parts of Canada are still battling against crushing education cuts. In Ontario elementary teachers union ETFO is still in talks with the government to try and resolve their dispute about pay and conditions. Today is another (named after the Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne) when teachers picket schools and wear solidarity colours, as they explain that the fight is about much more than pay. As one picketing teacher last week: 'I think there’s a lot of thinking that it’s about salary and it’s about benefits, that’s really not what’s foremost on our mind, it’s about that class size issue.' Elementary class sizes in the province can be as big as 35

If there is no progress in the talks, ETFO is planning a series of one day strikes this month.

Meanwhile teachers in the neighbouring province of Quebec are also taking determined action against budget cuts. Francophone teachers struck last week and their English medium colleagues have voted to follow suit. Thousands of teachers parents and supporters marched in the capital Montreal. Teachers' leaders say that the government has no mandate for its policy of 'permanent austerity' and that teachers will continue to 'fight fiercely for public education and its founding principle - equal opportunities for all.' Like their colleagues in Ontario, Quebec's teachers are fighting budget cuts which would slash services for children with special needs, increase class sizes, eradicate 800 teacher posts, freeze pay and cut pensions.