Saskatchewan Teachers Demonstration last Week Teachers in Saskatchewan are to withdraw voluntary activities this week in pursuit of their contract demands After a two day strike last week, teachers in the province will be withdrawing all voluntary services outside school hours indefinitely from this week. This means that they will not for instance be coaching sports teams nor doing other extra-curricular activities - action which teachers do not take lightly since these activities are a fulfilling part of their work. However the government is refusing to increase its offer of 6% over three years, under conditions where the economy in the province is booming and where teachers are asking for 16.3% to bring them in line with other teachers in Western Canada (see previous post and comment) The New Democratic Party is supporting the teachers. Its spokesperson Dwain Lingenfelter said: “The level of disrespect being shown to the teachers throughout this process has been disgraceful. But we have been honoured to support the action of teachers, rooted in the commitment they have for our students, who are making it clear to the government that it cannot treat teachers with anything less than that commitment deserves.” Meanwhile in another Canadian province - British Columbia - the teachers' union (BCTF) is planning industrial action in September in pursuit of their contract negotiations which have made little progress since March. The BCTF says that its main priority is improving learning conditions and restoring long standing cuts in services. They want smaller class sizes and more specialist teachers as well as more time for lesson preparation and improved pay. To read the BCTF press release go to: