Elementary teachers in Ontario, Canada are stepping up their work to rule action in their pursuit of proper education funding. The state government has sought to impose the same deal on them as it had reached with secondary colleagues who took action last term. This would have left elementary teachers with the same problems of oversized classes, fewer learning support personnel and poorer working conditions. What has particularly angered the teachers' union ETFO is the government's failure to negotiate.

Union leaders say there will be rolling one day strikes next month if the government fails to listen to their demands. Meanwhile teachers are refusing to go to parents meetings, write progress reports or cover for absent colleagues. ETFO has designated mid-weeks as 'Wynne Wednesdays' (after the Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne). On those days teachers do no extra-curricular activities and are encouraged to wear union colours, hats and buttons. 

Meanwhile in the adjoining Province of Montreal, teachers are also working to rule and have voted to take more strike action. On September 30th, French medium teachers will be on strike, which will affect more than 270,000 students. English medium teachers are voting on strike action this week. Like their colleagues in Ontario, Quebec's teachers are fighting budget cuts which would slash services for children with special needs, increase class sizes, eradicate 800 teacher posts, freeze pay and cut pensions.