teachers-day.jpg  October 5th: World teachers' day Teachers all over the world are taking part in activities to celebrate world teachers' day In particular Education International is calling for the training of millions more teachers in order to fulfil the Millenium Development Goal of free pimary education for all by 2015. It is calculated that 18 million more trained teachers are needed if the MDG is to be met. Unfortunately many countries both in the Global South and in the so called devloped world are attempting to meet their obligations by employing untrained people to act as teachers. Read more on the Education International website www.ei-ie.org Teachers all over the world are engaged in struggle to defend education. At the moment teachers in Kenya have just called off their strike to enter negotiations with the government in an attempt to get an extremely justified pay increase. Meanwhile many other teachers are either preparing for action or engaged in action amongst them teachers in Australia and in the UK.