chad2.jpg  See below for description of this picture Teachers in the Central African country of Chad are on strike because their wages do not even enable them to feed their families The Irin news site interviewed primary school teacher Aubin Golmbaye who said his US$200 monthly salary was not enough to feed his family. "In addition to food I need to pay for the house, medical care, school fees - even if I spend $4 a day on food, what would I have left for our other needs, and transport to get to work?" Drought has caused cereal prices to rocket which makes it impossible for families to buy food. 80% of Chadians live below the poverty line and average life expectancy is only 47. Chad is a former colony of France and the Sarkozy government is helping the President Idriss Deby to surpress the many opposition and rebel groups in the country. Most international observers rate the government of Deby - who has been President since 1991 - one of the most corrupt in the world and Deby as one of the worst dictators. Chad is a net exporter of oil - which is extracted by US and European companies. The European mining company Signet owns 100% of Chad Mining Services - the picture above shows the manager of Chad Mining Services handing over a few books to a school teacher in Chad as part of its 'social responsibility' portfolio - not a bad exchange for the vast profits to be made from the mineral wealth which rightly belongs to the people of Chad Teachers in Chad are working in almost impossile conditions - only 30% of girls and 40% of boys go to primary school and at secondary school the rates are 5 and 13% respectively.