chadblog.jpg  School in a camp in Chad Members of SET - the teachers' trade union of Chad are threatening to go on strike to protest at the cost of living Government measures including the prohibition of the use of charcoal and firewood in houses have driven people to the point of destitution. The government has not provided any alternative source of power. In addition the government has switched its salary payment to credit transfer which has thrown the banking system into disarray meaning that many teachers have not been paid. Despite having rich mineral deposits in particular oil the people of Chad are some of the poorest in the world. The oil is being exploited and exported by global corporations while the people have not got enough fuel for their daily needs or the needs of agriculture. The literacy rate is approximately 27%.  Teachers earn approximately $50 a month but many are owed months of back pay. Chad has also seen much fighting particularly in the East where there are camps for Sudanese refugees. For a recent report about the situation in Chad click the following link: