Human Rights Protestors for Soni Sori Teachers in Chattisgarh, India are engaged in a fight for a living wage The teachers are not employed by the state but by the local municipal corporation or panchayat. They are on indefinite strike demanding to be transferred to the state. While state teachers are paid apporximately $350 a month, the panchayat teachers earn $150. The teachers are demonstrating on Sapre School Ground, which they describe as Tahrir Square, according to the Hindu website. Over 50,000 teachers are camped there in some cases with their families. The teachers say they are the lowest paid personnel in the school, earning less than the cleaners - even though they are full-scale teachers. This is a typical scenario in the Global South. While the World Bank blames teachers for failing to reach the goal of education for all, it proposes measures to reduce teachers' salaries still further. Like teachers in many parts of the world the panchayat teachers of Chattisgarh do not receive a wage on which it is possible to survive, leave alone raise  a family. One teacher Soni Sori has gone on hunger strike after accusing police of mishandling her and chaining her legs, for alleged links to the Maoists.