Chicago high school students were arrested yesterday as they staged a die-in to protest the closure of schools. The students lay down on the street and blocked traffic, wearing blood stained clothes. They were drawing attention to the fact that Mayor Rahm Emmanel is going to be forcing students to cross gang lines to get to school, putting them in danger of attack. Five of the students, who are members of Chicago Students Organising to Save Our Schools (), were arrested by police and charged with reckless conduct and obstructing traffic. Clearly the reckless conduct of putting students in harm's way is a lesser crime, since as far as we know the perpetrators are still at liberty.

There is a massive in Chicago against school closures in Chicago, which are being forced through by the Rahm administration. The schools slated for closure are all in minority and low income areas, as he pursues his policy of closing public schools and opening (privatised) charters. Chicago Teachers Union, after its successful ten day strike last September is working with communities to defend public schools and stop the closures. This Saturday, teachers and communities are staging a from differenet parts of Chicago, culminating in a mass rally and demonstration on Monday. 

Send messages of solidarity to the school students on their page. And to the marchers .