One of the slogans of the Day of Action

Chicago teachers will be joined by parents, students and the #FightFor15 campaign in their day of action today for social justice and public education. They have planned an amazing day of activities, including picketing schools, rallying outside the county jail to protest the school to prison pipeline and teach-ins and protests at the most expensive hotel in town and the house of the richest resident. Young people will engage in direct action at the Illinois Youth Centre to demand the closure of youth prisons.

The main demand of the day is that the Illinois state government should fund Chicago schools properly. The Chicago Teachers Union says that the Chicago Public Schools board is 'broke on purpose' and that the mayor has created a $1.5 billion hole in the budget by refusing to demand reparation from the banks, which are syphonig money away from the public purse. Earlier this year teachers occupied the biggest bank in Chicago to demand an end to the rip-off.

Even as it starves public schools, cuts jobs and demands that teachers accept a pay cut, the city is increasing its investment in charter schools. The management is even refusing cost-neutral or even positive proposals like scrapping the hugely expensive high-stakes testing programme. The CTU's five point demands all revolve around the importance of education for children and communities, the schools Chicago's children deserve and an end to treating children as items of data. To read more about the CTUs demands and the day of action go here.