The Chicago Teachers Union is calling for a day of action on April 1st. It has sent out a call to 'families, students, teachers, workers and all those who thirst for justice' to take part in a day of direct action against the 1%.

In particular the union is campaigning against what it calls 'corporate welfare' - the diversion of funds which could be spent on schools and other public services to subsidies for building luxury hotels - and the injustice of the tax system which favours the wealthy. They are also fighting the racism which means that growing poverty particularly effects black and latino people, and the violence of the police against black young people in the town.

The CTU held a summit of activists yesterday to plan the day. They say April 1st will be a teachable moment as students learn how to advocate for better schools and social justice. Chicago teachers are once again providing inspiration to teachers globally, as they broaden their struggle for public schools to encompass the social and economic injustices which are inherent in the capitalist system.

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