On a 90% turnout, 95% of teachers have voted for strike action against the cuts which the local administration is making to Chicago's schools, including to librarians, teaching assistants and to special needs provision. The school board is also proposing to axe thousands of teaching jobs.

The Chicago Teachers Union has been involved in a long campaign, working with parents and local communities to protect public schools and to point out that the fault for the budget shortfall lies with big business and state policy. Actions by the CTU and communities have ranged from hunger strikes, to street protests, to occupations of banks.

As one parent and teacher put it:

I am voting "yes" to support a strike because when my daughter turns three, I want her to be able to walk with me and our neighbors to school every day to access these world-class opportunities that our community has built for them. If we don't strike, neighborhood schools as we know them will be destroyed by the mayor, his handpicked board of education, and the wealthy policy makers who have no real investment in our public schools.

CTU delegates voted yesterday for a strike starting on October 11th if no agreement over the contract is reached.