Protestore outside City Hall last Night Ten protestors were arrested at City Hall last night in Chicago Teachers, students, parents and community groups had occupied the space in City Hall outside Mayor Emmanuel's office, prtoesting against a plan to close up to 100 public schools and start new charter schools. According to their statement on facebook they had come to City Hall to demand a meeting with the mayor. They go on:  Our schools have been closed, starved, consolidated, and turned around. We insist on making our voices heard by the Mayor. He needs to hear from us about the effect these policies have on our children. The Mayor sent word that he is not interested in meeting with us, so we decided to sit in. At the moment, we have 30 people sitting in. We will stay as long as we have to, in order to make our voices heard. The Mayor's handpicked Board of Education is considering closing as many as 100 schools. We will not allow that to happen without parents, students, and teachers at the table. In the wake of the recent strike by the Chicago Teachers Union, which garnered huge support from the local community, activists have been clear that they are facing a long struggle to defend public education in the town. All those interested in the struggle for public education and against neo-liberal education 'reform' will be watching, supporting  and learning from this fight in the home town of neo-liberalism