Israeli Soldiers arresting a Palestinian Child A new film by Defence of Children International (DCI) shows how children are routinely being arrested and mistreated in the occupied West Bank The film shows children as young as 12 arrested inthe city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank, where 1500 soldiers protect Israeli settlers who are contravening international law by living in the territory which rightfully belongs to Palestine. It also interviews ex-soldiers about the treatment of children by the Israeli army. Of the children DCI has interviewed, all have been handcuffed, 90% have been blindfolded, 70% beaten, 17% put in solitary confinement, 7% given electric shocks and 4% sexually abused. They are not allowed visits from their parents until they come to court. To watch the film go to: Stolen Children, Stolen Lives – Part 1 Stolen Children, Stolen Lives – Part 2