palblog8.jpg  Children are among the many hundreds of people killed by Israeli bombing of the small and densely populated Gaza strip News sources including Sky News and Al Jazeera have reported that the Israelis fired 30 missiles into refugee camps as the children were returning home from school on the 27th December. As a result many children were killed and many parents were frantically searching for their children. Because of the Israeli blockade on Gaza which has been continuing for many months the population is already weakened by disease and hunger and the infrastructure is  in a parlous state. Hospitals have run out of basic medicines, there are often no ambulances to pick up the wounded and the people are having to do the best they can to save their wounded and dying compatriots. The governments of the west are maintaining  their 'neutral' stance - calling for 'restraint' and in the case of the EU a 'ceasefire'. While Israel, the US, the EU and other western governments seek to blame Hamas for 'provoking' the attacks, they always fail to point out that Hamas was elected in a properly consituted democratic election which was monitored by the UN and the EU. Their decision not to recognise that government because it was the 'wrong' choice has given the green light to Israel to carry on its murderous blockade on Gaza  and its expansion of the illegal settlements and the wall in the West Bank. Meanwhile revulsion at  Israel's actions is spreading amongst the people of the world not only in the Middle East but in Europe and other Western countries and mass demonstrations are planned for this weekend including one in London.