tamblog.jpg  Tamil Refugees Thousands of children have already been killed and many more are in danger as a result of the attacks by the Sri Lankan Army against the territory held by the Tamil separatist group LTTE The small so-called 'safe zone' in the Tamil held areas is a narrow coastal strip 14 kilometres square and at present up to 300,000 civilians are sheltering there. However according to the LTTE it has come under bombardment from the Sri Lankan army causing many deaths and injuries. One school building has been converted into an emergency hospital and it's playground into a mortuary. Disease is rampant as there is little proper sanitation - the government won't allow the movement of construction materials and the population are subsiting on one meal a day. The civilians are little better off if they flee the area. Not only do they have to leave their own area but they are imprisoned in camps which have been likened to concentration camps where they are under armed guard and not allowed to leave. Before they are allowed to enter the camps they go through a screening process which has seen many civilians taken away into secret detention according to some reports. Neither the media nor humanitarian agencies are allowed into the camps which are surrounded by barbed wire and many children are also imprisoned there. The LTTE are calling for a ceasefire and there are increasingly vocal protests from around the world - not least from the Tamil diaspora - calling for the Sri Lankan government to stop the war - so far however to no effect. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of civilians - not least children continue to suffer.