Chile’s students took to the streets across Chile again yesterday as part of their long fight for free public education.

The students have been in the forefront of the fight in Chile since 2006 and have garnered huge public support. This is  the first major demonstration in 2013, which saw 150,000 on the streets. Once again the young demonstrators have been met with violence from the security forces in riot gear, using tear gas and water cannon, as can be seen in the clip above. 109 students were arrested including 24 children.

Families in Chile still shoulder a huge financial burden in order to send their children to school and university. The dire situation in that country is part of the legacy of neo-liberal education policies, which were tried out in Chile for the first time by Chicago trained economists, after the violent military coup which brought the dictator Pinochet to power in 1973. The students, often with the support of their teachers and communities, are struggling for free, quality education for all. One banner held by an older woman said it all: “The students are teaching us courage.”