We share two calls for international condemnation of brutality in suppressing peaceful protests of Chile's students, teachers, and community against austerity.

An appeal we received from educational researchers and social justice activists Pauline Lipman and Rico Gutstein
October 24, 2019

As you surely know, there is a mass uprising of the Chilean people of all walks of life challenging 30 years of austerity, privatization, and injustice.  The right wing Piñera government has responded to mass popular, and mostly peaceful, protest with a state of emergency with military tanks patrolling the streets. As of 2PM today, at least 18 are dead, 584 wounded of which 245 were wounded by firearms (that would likely be from the military), 2686 detained with widespread reports of military brutality and torture which the Instituto Nacional de Derechos Humano de Chile is currently investigating.

Please sign this letter of Solidarity with Chile from Academics Across the World and please circulate widely to your networks and professional organizations.

We are facing a critical moment here and international pressure important.
If you want to follow the situation from our perspective, follow our blog.


Another letter to us, from Sarah A. Robert, Ph.D., Graduate School of Education,  University at Buffalo (SUNY), researcher who writes about gender and neoliberalism in education, specializing in Latin America

October 25, 2019
[My former student] Dra. Ana Luisa Muñoz García, is the President of the The Network of Chilean Education Researchers (Red de Investigadores en Educación Chilena, RIECH). The organization issued a statement about the breakdown of democracy, the newest, most violent repression of the neoliberal state. It can be found here in multiple languages.

She described what she is experiencing, an attempt to process how democracy could collapse so fast, how state violence could be arrancada so fast. What she detailed is not an old forgotten story, it has been well studied. The violence is systematic and organized. It is inflicted with an eye to the already well-functioning systems of oppression within society based on gender, race, ethnicity, class. For those in the USA this is the same violence inflicted on indigenous peoples as they struggle to protect their land from pipelines. This is the same violence waged daily on people of color, particularly African Americans, by police. This is the same violence continuing around the United States at detention centers where Latin American families, including children are incarcerated and separated from one another. The language of the Chilean President is the same as that of the US President when they both state: "we are at war with the enemy."

When asked by an audience member: what can we do? Ana Luisa responded:

1. This is the neoliberal state. The same that operates in your local contexts. Stop and question: why are things working this way here? Demand change.
2. Denounce. Post news from Chile in social media.
3. Support moments of peace and hope. Continue to dream, imagining a reality in which human dignity and human rights are respected.

Thank you for sharing widely.