chilblog5.jpg  Students Demonstrating in Santiago this Week Once again students have been mobilising in Chile in the campaign for good state education About 3000 students demonstrated on the streets of the Chilean capital, Santiago this week demanding improvements in education. The demonstration was organised by the Asamblea Coordinadora de Estudiantes Secundario (ACES) to demand secular and free education for all young people in Chile and an end to the General Law of Education (LGE), and an end to the 'municipilisation' of education which has meant vast disparities between the levels of education available in different regions. Under the dictator Pinochet in the 1970's Chile became the guinea pig for a raft of neo-liberal education policies which have since spread to many parts of the world. Although the dictatorship is over, students and teachers -who have also been on strike against these policies - say that the new education law is just as bad and still leaves room for mass privatisation of education. The students marched to the government building where their leaders delivered a letter to the president setting out their demands. Although the demonstration was peaceful, they were accompanied by dozens of police and as the demonstration broke up there were several arrests. (See previous posts for some beackground to this stroy)