chile22.jpg  Part of a Demonstration in Chile Thousands of students and teachers took to the streets in Chile this week to protest against so-called education reforms The reforms which are proposed by the right wing government  of Sebastian Pinera would cut down the teaching of social sciences, music and art in schools in order to increase the time for mathematics and languages. According to the reporter on the website  the aim of these changes is to change the education system 'into a factory for human capital for the corporations' to produce 'low cost workers who are not capable of thinking critically'. In addition the Pinera reforms will lead to further privatisation of education and also the creatin of so-called 'schools for excellence' which will further increase social  divisions between schools and children. Teachers and students demonstrated through the main towns of Chile against the measures. Teachers have also been on strike this week along with other public sector workers against cuts instigated by the Pinera government including the loss of 2500 public sector jobs. The right wing government of Sebastian Pinera has sacked 2500 public sector employees since taking office. To read about the demonstrations in detail (and in Spanish) go to: teachers/sort/relevance   Meanwhile teachers in the Dominican Republic have been demonstrating for the government to abide by the law and give at least 4% of GDP to education. Read more at: