Police Arresting a Student last Weekend Students in Chile have been taking part in protests against the increasing privatisation of education in that country The demonstrations have been ongoing for three weeks since police beat and teargassed demonstrators on May 12th when 25,000 marched in the capital Santiago. The demonstrations have been called by the Chilean Student organisation Confech. Their president said that public money was being given to private businesses to run universities and that students were getting degrees with no prospects of a job - only of years of debt. The students are supported by their professors' union which says that more money must be put into public education. There were further demonstrations on May 26th when students were once more attacked by police. The students are calling for a strike on June 1st if their demands are not met. Chile was the first country in the world where privatisation and other neo-liberal education measures were taken-  after the brutal coup which installed General Pinochet in 1973. The education system has been suffering ever since and these policies have been fiercely resisted by students and teachers (see previous posts)