chilblog.jpg Students and Teachers at the protest in Santiago  Thousands of members of the Chilean Teachers Association have been joined by students in strikes against the new education law in Chile (LGE) The law came about after a two year review of the existing law (LOCE) which had been set up in 1990 after the end of the 17 year dictatorship in Chile. There had been massive student protests against this law because it maintained an unequal education system which favoured wealthy students at the expense of the poor. However the new law is no better say teachers' leaders and still gives the green light to companies to make profits out of education.  There has been huge support for the protests with 80% of teachers supporting the strike and demonstrations of thousands of people all over Chile. As well as the teachers' strikes, school students have occupied high schools and university students have occupied their faculties. On Monday 15th June 1500 teachers and students marched in Santiago, the demonstration started peacefully but at the end riot police broke it up by force with water cannons and tear gas.