chilblog2.jpg Some of the teachers on Tuesday's demonstration Teachers in Chile's public schools have been on strike for over a fortnight demanding payments owed to them since 2007 and before The teachers are owed an average of $2,000 each since 2007.  The National Teachers' Association estimated that 90% of teachers had taken part in the strike. On the first day of the strike the teachers refused to teach but agreed to look after children whose parents were at work. They rallied at regional education offices. On Tuesday of this week over 20,000 teachers from all over Chile rallied in Santiago to demand that the back payment be made. Although the failure to pay the bonus only applies to public school teachers they were joined by their private school colleagues on one day of the strike. They are also being supported by the Chilean Trade Union Centre. The Chilean teachers have not only been on strike over the government's failure to pay them the money it owes them. Earlier this year they struck and demonstrated against the government's neo-liberal education policies which would see an increase in privatisation amongst other things. (See previous posts.)