chinblog.jpg Shenzhen City in Southern China  Teachers in the southern Chinese town of Shenzhen went on strike from Tuesday in protest against the city's decision to privatise its preschools Shenzhen - one of the world's fastest growing cities and a centre for foreign investment has 22 preschools which up to now have been publicly owned and run. The city's decision to hand them over to the Shenzhen Investment Holdings Corporation was given to the schools' 400 teachers on February 27th. This decision appears to be contrary to a state policy which says that local governments should promote the development of public preschool education and shold not decrease investment in the name of reform. Teachers are also worried that the privatisation will affect their salaries, contracts and conditions of service. Parents are concerned that the privatisation of nurseries will see them having to pay much higher fees.  The nursery schools are all closed as a result of the strike and parents have been told there is no immediate prospect of them re-opening.