chinaearthq.jpg  A Chinese School Destroyed in the 2008 Earthquake A massive earthquake has hit the southern Chinese province of  Qinghai The death toll is at present 589 but is expected to rise as rescuers battle to save people buried under the rubble. Once again a feature of this disaster is the destruction of schools with experts estimating that 70% of school in the area were destroyed. There are likely to have been many casualties amongst children and their teachers because they had just arrived at school when the earthquake hit. Teachers and students slept outside the schools last night despite the freezing temperature. One middle school teacher told Chinese television 'this is going to be a hard night.' This is the second earthquake to hit China in as many years (see previous post). In disasters all over the world including Haiti, last autumn's earthquake in Indonesia and the 2008 earthquake in China, schools are destroyed and children killed - often because they have not been adequately constructed to resist such natural shocks despite the fact that these areas are known to be subject to earthquakes. For a full report on the Chinese earthquake go to