chinablog.jpg  Teachers on strike in Chonging, Sichuan Province Teachers in Inner Mongolia went on strike on December 30th to demand a salary increase. This follows a wave of teachers' strikes across China. According to Chinese law teachers should receive the same salaries as civil servants but in many provinces this is not the case. In Inner Mongolia civil servants earn 35,000 Yuan ($5,123) per annum while teachers earn 15,000 Yuan - ($2,196). There have been many other strikes of teachers in China on the same issue. As well as specific problems with teachers' pay, teachers have been taking part in actions across China to gether with other workers as a result of the economic downturn which is leading to living standards being further depressed. There have been strikes of taxi drivers, factory workers, farmers and even police. On December 2nd 1000 teachers struck and occupied their schools in Longhui County in Hunan province demanding 5 months back pay which was owed to them. Teachers in the neighbouring Shenyang province were said to be planning simmilar actions.