A Protestor standing in front of Riot Police in Bogota last Week Teachers and students protested in Bogota last week against government plans to privatise education Five large groups of protestors marched to Bolivar square in Bogota and there were demonstrations in other parts of the country. The government is planning to privatise univeristies which have a long tradition of being independent from the state. Students and teachers fear that they will now have to follow an agenda set by multi-national coporations. A sppokesperson for the teachers told www.colombiareports.com: "Public education has a social interest. Private organizations have personal profit interests.We are against changing the essence of the public universities in Colombia." The demonstrations were organised by the Central Union of Workers (CUT) and 15000 riot police were deployed on the streets of Bogota. As previous posts have reported, Colombia has a dire histoy of repression and murder of trade unionists - and many teacher trade unionists in particular have been killed - so these demonstrations take great courage.