Teachers have taken part during the last week in mass protests and a general strike all over Colombia against the policies of right-wing President Juan Manuel Santos. Santos is pursuing neo-liberal policies of privatisation, handing over the country's resources to multi-national corporations and importing agricultural goods from the US under the US/Colombia Free Trade Agreement, making it impossible for small farmers in Colombia to make a living.

Farmers have set up road blocks in many parts of the country and teachers, health workers and lorry drivers are among those on strike. Meanwhile the government continues with its repressive policies, accusing the protesters of being terrorists controlled by FARC, the armed opposition group. This is the usual tactic of the government and is used to justify extreme brutality - particularly against trade unionists. Many teacher activists, as well as other trade unionists  have been killed by the state over the last few years as reports on this website testify.

Strikers, protesters and their leaders report violence from the security forces as well as threats and intimidation to those taking part in the protests. Despite this, as of yesterday the protests and strike were still ongoing.