Communities, teachers and students marched for three days this weekend against plans to close large numbers of public schools in Chicago's minority areas. The march culminated yesterday in a school boycott, a rally in the centre of town and the occupation of City Hall by teachers, 25 of whom have been arrested, although they have now been released.

Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union told the rally that this march was in the tradition of the civil rights marches in the 60s. And that whatever the City Council decided on Wednesday regarding the closures, "We are not done". Campaigners would be registering 250,000 voters "And they won't be voting for the mayor" she said.

These kinds of school closures are very much a part of the global neo-liberal project to run down public education and replace it with charters, academies or any other form of private or semi private education. The people of , New Zealand are presently engaged in a huge struggle against school closure, merger and privatisation. Meanwhile in Wales, UK, where schools are underfunded even in comparison with England (although not of course with schools in the global south), the government is against privatisation, so it simply closes schools which are considered to be failing or 'non-viable' even if they are in rural areas miles away from other provision.